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    Is life making you itch, sneeze, cough or wheeze? We can help!


Allergy Clinic serving San Antonio, TX

Are you tired of going through life coughing, sneezing, and rubbing your itchy eyes? If you suffer from seasonal, food, drug, or any other type of allergy, there is a solution to your suffering. Allergy Institute of San Antonio is an allergy clinic located right here in the heart of San Antonio, TX. We have helped countless patients of all ages live their lives allergy-free.

We understand how terrible it is to live with allergies. Dr. Villalobos and his team will diagnose your allergy problem and provide a solution to your unique situation. Whether you have food allergies, asthma or hay fever, an environmental allergy or more, our team can help. You’ll be feeling better in no time at all!
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Dr. Eliseo M. Villalobos
Oak season is here! Let us help you with a treatment plan. 

Why Our Allergy Doctor is Your Best Option

  • No-Needle Skin Testing for Children
  • Same-Day Appointments
  • Evening Appointments
  • Most Insurance Plans and Credit Cards Accepted
  • 24-Hour Emergency Calls
  • Plentiful FREE Parking
Our office caters to patients of all ages. We offer same-day appointments as well as 24-hour calls for those scary emergency situations. No matter what time of the day or night it may be, our doors are always open to you. Call the Allergy Institute of San Antonio today to speak to a team member about your allergy concerns and to schedule an appointment with our allergy doctor at your earliest convenience. 

We Treat Food Allergies & More

Each and every person has food sensitivities, and many people have food allergies without even knowing it. When you come into the Allergy Institute of San Antonio for an appointment with our allergy doctor, we'll provide testing to find out what food allergies you have, if any. We also treat other types of allergies outside of food, like pollen or grass allergies. Make an appointment today and relieve allergy symptoms for good!

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